Dress Code

The dress code is designed to allow free movement and proper evaluation of body placement.  For ballet, girls must wear a solid color leotard with pink tights and pink ballet shoes.  Hair is to be secured up in a bun or pulled back to minimize distraction and improve visibility.  Tutus are not allowed as they lead to high levels of distractions.  Advanced students are allowed to wear a short chiffon ballet skirt.  Boys should wear a white t-shirt with white shoes and socks and black tights.  Please have black jazz shoes for jazz classes, and dance boots for hip hop class.  Adults should have appropriate attire for free movement and ballet shoes.


Dance” is in the word “Attendance”… Please come to class.  Students should be prepared and on time for class.  Respect for teachers, peers, and the facility must be demonstrated.  An integral part of dance is performance.  It is asked that students partake in semi-annual performances.


ABA’s academic year program lasts September through June with periodic holiday breaks (please visit the calendar to view the holiday schedule).   Tuition is based on the average four week month.   Payment is due the first lesson of each month.  No refunds or credits are given for missed classes; lessons must be made up or forfeited.  There is a $20.00 charge for payment made after the 10th of the month or for returned checks.