Today’s dancers are expected to be well versed in other genres of dance.  Though ballet is foundational, the best dancers cross-train for additional strength, stretch, and movement quality.  Below are the classes we feel will best prepare your dancer for the demands of the dance world.


Ages 7 – 11, This class emphasizes strength, flexibility, coordination, and expression in a fun, energetic setting. It teaches fundamental jazz steps and floor work. Jazz meets Wednesday at 4:30. Monthly tuition is $55 (Discount to $20-35, depending on the number of classes enrolled!). It is strongly recommended that jazz students also enroll in a ballet class for well-rounded, compete foundational training.


Level II is for ages 9-14; Level III is for ages 12+. Contemporary dance uses techniques of modern and ballet, while emphasizing expression, floor work, and using ones center of gravity to find new and exciting positions and movement. This class is highly recommended for the most serious ballet students as it will both make them a stronger ballet dancer, and will give them a more diverse dance training. Level II meets on Monday at 6:30; Level III meets Tuesday at 7:00. Tuition is $55 a month and is discounted to $20-$35 a month for the multiple class discount, depending on how many other classes the student is enrolled in.