As a business, we hope we can truly make a difference to our local community. Contributing to the lives and development of our students is paramount. The potential that these youth hold is limitless, and it is our responsibility to be role models and mentors to these students as they face the challenges that childhood presents.

Our efforts extend far beyond the walls of the dance studio. Most notably, all of our performances are benefits for local non-profits. We stay true to our mission of helping youth by selecting organizations who work to improve the lives of children and adolescents. To date, we have donated profits from our performances to The Pediatric Ward of the Salem Hospital, Boys and Girls Club, Marion Polk Food Share, Special Olympics, Isaac’s Room, and The Gilbert House to name a few. Since 2004, American Ballet Academy has given over $100,000 back to the Salem Community.

We are honored that the Salem Community trusts and supports us to train our future dancers and help develop our future leaders. Giving back to the community is our way of saying “Thank You.”